FCC looking at permitting robocalls?

It’s being reported that theFCC Poised to Open the Floodgates for “Wrong Number” Robocalls to Cell Phones. The idea is that they want to permit a business to make a robocall, if it’s to a wrong number. The National Association of Consumer Advocatesis obviously against this idea. According to Daily Finance, the main people pushing for this change are the banking institutions and collection agencies.

I get robocalls from my bank on occasion (fraud alerts, etc), and since I explicitly permit them, I’m okay with it. I see the value in important information about my account being handled electronically, and not needing the overhead of a real person having to dial a phone.

But like all “good intentions”, there is a road to hell here. If we allow businesses to get a free pass on the first robocall, telemarketers can and willclaim it was a “wrong number”. If the FCC is seriously considering this, they are nuts. Didn’t they just have a competition on how to deal with the flood of robocalls? And despite that, aren’t we still plagued with robocalls? This is a huge step backward.

Here’s the current FCC Summary on Robocallsas it stands today. Let’s keep it that way. Let your voice be heard and file a commentand reference Proceeding 02-278. Use this link to search the Comments for Proceeding 02-278.

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