Telemarketer thinks I’m a Communist?

Well, Tormenting Telemarketerscertainly got ‘Brent’s knickers in a twist. So much so, that it’s got to be a communist plot of some kind.

So, you want to take down part of the free market, correct? Or I must have not got it clear with your rant, although I did understand you were against the free market. By any chance, are you with the communist league? I think you’d make a good candidate.

– Brent D.

For starters, Telemarketing isn’t a ‘Free’ market. It’s a regulated market, largely due in part to the abuses of the Telemarketers themselves. Essentially, it a case of Tragedy of the Commonswhere greedy people, like Telemarketers, acting in their own self interest ruin it for everyone. That’s why there’s been a variety of State and Federal legislation and regulation against the more egregious abuses of Telemarketers. If Brent was smart and honest about it, he’d recognize that.


Since the government and technological solutions aren’t working, I’m actually suggesting a free market solution. A free market works when willing sellers exchange goods and services with willing buyers. However, if a seller becomes abusive to the buyers, the buyers can take action against the seller. They can organize a boycott of the seller, they can warn other buyers of the seller, and they can use the sellers own activities against them to make the seller unprofitable. All without government, legislative, or regulatory change. It truly is a perfect free market solution!


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