Telemarketer Says This Isn’t a Sales Call, But It Is

Part of the fun of running a business is dealing with Telemarketers that Need To Talk To The Owner. This is no different. But she needed to speak to MYowner. Oh boy. Well, that’s not going to happen, because I’m an indentured First Class Tormenting Gatekeeper.

These sales calls are just appointment setters for the actual people that go out to make sales. Often, these poor Saps are given these “appointments” which are scheduled on a flimsy basis. They also tend to be on commission to these virtually cold calls, which sucks for them. The appointment setters will sometimes lie to get there. The main lie here is that they are required by law to contact the company about our Visa/MasterCard rates. If we were her customer, maybe. But since we’re not (and not likely to be), that’s a lie. The other lie is that this is not a sales call.

She gets a little ahead of herself, since she asked if I was the Owner, and then just launches into her sales pitch.

But this isn’t a sales call.

We have to tell us about the new rates we offer. But this isn’t a sales call.

But we have discounts on transaction fees to offer you. But this isn’t a sales call.

You have to be our customer to get these discounts. But this isn’t a sales call.

So this is a sales call, right? Yes.

Listen for yourself, as it’s a reasonable short one. It’s amazing how tied up they want to get to convince themselves this isn’t a sales call. But forced to agree that it is.


She really wants to see us. It’s nice to be wanted, but I think it’s best that we just be friends. Okay, not even friends.

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