• Q: Isn’t there something wrong with doing this? A: No, they called you. And most likely, violated the law in the process. They are actually in the wrong.
  • Q: Why do this? They are just doing their jobs! A: If they are breaking the law, it’s not really a job. No other industry would be permitted to allow their employees to consistently break the law as part of their job and stay in business.
  • Q: Do I have to do it all the time? A: No, not every time. However, the more people that do this consistently, the better it works.
  • Q: Why don’t you just ask to not be called? A: Because we know that doesn’t work. They’ll still call you. Some will insult, curse you, or mock you for even asking, assuming they just don’t immediately hangup. However, when you keep wasting their time, they realize they want you off their list, it gets done.
  • Q: How long can you talk to them? A: I’ve had Telemarketers on the line for up to an hour, but generally 10-15 minutes.
  • Q: Can this really work? A: Yes! Out of the thousands of calls they make daily, if only 30 people tied up an operator for as little as 20 minutes, i t would render them useless. However, you only have to do it enough to make it unprofitable. That could be as little as 10 people per telemarketer each day. It’s time to leverage the number to our advantage.