Telemarketer thinks I should bear burden of avoiding them…

Before I started this website, I occasionally would get E-Mail from people that weren’t entirely pleased with Tormenting Telemarketers and also failed to recognize it was posted in a “Joke” category. So, in a fit of pique, “Me Myself N I” took the time to write (all CAPS words were actually done by him!):

OR you could just use an answering machine to screen your calls, and not be such an asshole. I am a telemarketer and I have to talk to rude pieces of shit like you every day. I correct people when they are wrong, and you are wrong for what you do and are suggesting others do on that website. Here’s what you SHOULD do: either use an answering machine, caller ID etc, to screen your calls, or if you pick up the phone, be polite and if you are not interested in what they are selling, POLITELY explain why you cannot use/afford their product. I’m there to make a living like everyone else. And I DESERVE to be treated with common courtesy. Whenever I talk to someone like you on the phone, I wish you were in front of me so I could beat you senseless, you piece of shit!

Odd that I should be the one to do something to avoid a call that I shouldn’t even be getting. I should use an answering machine. I should screenmy calls onmy phone.Not that it would stop them calling would it? I should “politely” explain what? Telemarketers are notorious for NOT honoring Do-Not-Call requests and repeatedly call anyway, even when asked politely. Chances are, if I did start telling you I’m on the Do-Not-Call list and demand to be put on your Do-No-Call list, you’d hang up. If you don’t treat the people being called with common courtesy, and Telemarket within the law, why do you deserve anything?

Again, this Telemarketer is telling me to do things that actually benefit them (hang up, screen calls) and perpetuate that problem. And confirming that Tormenting Telemarketers works!

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