Telemarketing scammers like this is why I do it.

In, DJFL writes:

My 81-year-old neighbor answers every call she gets. Last year she was told that she had won $4.1 million in a Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes. They told her that they would be bringing the check to her house in an hour but needed $1300 cash from her for taxes or something. She told them that she didn’t have any cash in her house, so they told her to go the bank and get it. She called me, so I Googled the number and found that the call came from Jamaica, and I told her that it was a scam. She was so afraid that “they” were going to come to her house and kill her that she called the Sheriff’s Department and asked them to send a deputy to her house, but they just told her not to answer the door if anyone showed up. She was scared to death all day. I told her to stop answering calls from that area code, but she didn’t listen. They called again, but she told them to go to hell and hung up on them.

Bless her heart. But it makes me angry. And determined. Stories like this is exactly why I torment illegal telemarketers. For every telemarketer I talk with (or my “Lenny” talks with), and waste their time, there may be some other 81-year-old lady out there that doesn’t get a call.

If there’s hundreds, thousands, and dare I say millions, of other like-minded people out there that could take that call instead of her. If they could spent that 5-10 minutes with the scammer instead of her. If they could burden these scammers with wasted time for no monetary gain instead of her. Then we would see a marked decline in these telemarketers. All it takes is them talking to people where there’s no financial gain.

It’s said that “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” I want to do something. It may not be much, but if many more people join in this battle, it would be a death of a thousand cuts.

Their entire business model only works if uninterested people don’t answer, let the call roll to voicemail, or block the call. They depend on it. They succeed only because people do this. Break the cycle. Think outside the box.

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