Someone should do something about Telemarketers

You see it in some of the complaint forums all the time. Someone gets a call. They don’t answer it, or if they do, they hang up immediately. Then they complain on-line that someone should do something about it. Occasionally, they’ll even complain to the FTC about it.

Somebodyneeds to stop thisguy.

We need to make sure “Somebody” knows that.

Someoneneeds to STOP THISFOR GOOD NOW.We are on the NO CALL LIST.

Who is this “Someone”?

Hopefully they can finallydo somethingabout it

“They” don’t seem to be doing their job…

I expect my government to be able todo somethingabout this

Ah, the government can fix everything.

When will someoneput a stop to this annoyance?

So many people who are looking for someone or something else to solve the problem. They have plenty of time to complain, and spend time on forums wondering why someone else isn’t taking action. But often if you suggest that they take action themselves, it’s all about why should they waste their time. Well, if it’s a waste of your time, maybe “someone”, “somebody”, and “they” think it’s a waste of their time, too.

For all these complaints, why can’t YOU be the “someone”, be the “they” that helps do something? There is a saying that many hands make light work. We also massively outnumber the telemarketers. The FTC and other government agencies can’t go after telemarketers unless they are clearly reported and documented in a complaint. That means just a potentially spoofed telephone number isn’t enough. We need more people to pitch in and be part of the solution, not just complain about the problem.

Telemarketers can only make money when people answer, respond, and BUY. Telemarketers can’t make money if people answer, respond, and DON’T BUY. In fact, the whole purpose of the robocall is to have a nearly free computer screen you and have you hang up if your not interested. While you think you’re screening your calls, in actuality, the telemarketers are also screening YOU.

If you ignore this and talk to them anyway, you can get more information from them. Reporting these details helps the government and other people do better work to stop them. If you talk to them, they aren’t going to be talking to someone who might buy from them. Which means you are doing something to keep them from making some money. While it might be a small part, if thousands or millions of people did this, it would severely reduce telemarketer revenues and drive them out of business.

Don’t believe me? Do this small experiment. When you get a telemarketing call, answer the phone. Talk to them for a while. Pretend you’re interested for a while. After a few minutes of that, tell them you’re not interested and wasting their time on purpose. I’d wager they will be angry. Because they know you are hurting their business. Now imagine hundreds of thousands of people doing that. How angry do you think they will be then?

You want something done? Then be the solution you want. If most of us pitch in, we can make a huge difference.

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