FTC to provide Telemarketing Complaint Data

The FTC is going to start releasing data on consumer complaints for Telemarketing. This is great! The announcement is here atFTC Escalates the Fight against Illegal Robocalls Using Consumer Complaints to Aid Industry Call-Blocking Solutions.

Under a new initiative announced by the FTC, when consumers report Do Not Call or robocall violations to the agency, the robocaller phone numbers consumers provide will be released each day to telecommunications carriers and other industry partners that are implementing call-blocking solutions.

And the FTC is not just providing it to people in a secret club – anyone can see it! You can go to theDo Not Call (DNC) Reported Calls Datapage and download the data yourself. Maybe you have an Asterisk or FreeSwitch PBX of your own, and you can feed this into a blacklist. Maybe you can route calls from these numbers into your own Lennyfor fun and games.

If you are on a Linux system, you can create a cron job in /etc/cron.daily with this script to pull the results daily:


DATE=`date --date="1 day ago" +"%Y-%m-%d"`
wget https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/attachments/do-not-call-dnc-reported-calls-data/dnc_complaint_numbers_$DATE.csv -O /my/download/foler/dnc_complaint_numbers_$DATE.csv

The script is pretty simple. Just run once daily and it will pull the data from the previous day. You can add code to the end of this to process the data after you download it. Note that the data file will not be provided on weekends or holidays, but the data for those days will be included in the file on the next business day.


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