My Own “This Is Lenny” vs another robot

I finally set up my own “Hello, This is Lenny” server. I already had a VoIP server running Asterisk, so it was just a matter of adding in the scripts, testing it out, and then dedicating a phone number to it. The first hit I got on it was a robot from “Home Security Promotions”. It’s too bad it wasn’t a real human, but I figure having a computer test out my computer was oddly appropriate. At a couple of points in the dialogue, it’s really obvious that this is a series of pre-recorded audio sequences being played. For a second, I almost thought Lenny was going to get transferred to a human, but alas, it was not to be this time. Let’s see how it goes…


If there’s any interest, I’m looking at putting together a “Create Your Own Lenny” tutorial from start to finish.

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