Hello This is Lenny VS Credit Card Merchant

I get a few telemarketing calls on my business line. So, I decided to set up my own “Hello, This Is Lenny” server to help handle some of the phone calls. If you’ve ever worked as a receptionist or gatekeeper for a business, you’ve probably gotten a few on these: The Credit Card Merchant. Those people that call your business wanting to review your merchant account with promises of lower fees. Now, if you’ve read some of the postings on some of these companies on RipOffReport, as well as get bombarded by them, your patience might be wearing a little thing.

Lenny, on the other hand, has the patience of Job. He has no trouble discussing matters of business finance… well… actually he’d rather talk about Larissa and Rachel.

I like this one, since the first person actually makes it though all Lenny’s voice sequences (all the way to the ducks) and transfers the call to an associate. And then he makes it all the way through to the ducks again before the line disconnects.

As usual, Lenny’s clever scripting tends to lead the telemarketer rather then follow. Which makes it all the more entertaining.


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